App Compiling But - "There was a problem while parsing the package"

Our App was compiling, and now…

Actually, now the compiled apps are returning this error when downloading and installing from the QR code on Android “There was a problem while parsing the package.” I’ve deleted all copies of the app on the device - the usual reason I get this error - I’ve rolled back the config.xml (the only thing I’ve been changing to migrate from phonegap to volt), and the app icon is now a green .APK image in the downloads folder on the Samsung S9+ I’m testing on - where previously it was the designed app icon.

Also having trouble with the QR links being cached and downloading previous versions - but I think I spotted this being addressed in another thread.

Due to numerous changes in Android, Chrome and the plugins, there’s no guarantee that a PhoneGap app will work without updates. They were already pretty far behind when they discontinued, and they’re even more out of date now.

Have you checked that all your plugins are up to date?

You might need to start with a simple app, get that working, then start adding features back in until you find out which one is causing problems.

I had a “revelation” - I remembered tweaking the minSDK version for Android - tweaked it beyond the device I use for testing :roll_eyes: