Can i access code from an old PG Built .apk file

Just getting back into app development after a 2-3 year break - i was suprised to hear that PhoneGap is now defunct
but i look forward to what VoltBuilder has to offer.

I had a huge harddrive failure on my old development laptop 2 years ago and lost loads of work including a phonegap app
which is still on the Google Play store.

I can still access my google developer account and the .apk of the app in question.
However, i just noticed that i have links hardcoded in the app that point to an old business website URL; the domain name i let go over a year ago; the domain has been re-registered by someone else so now points to their website.

Is it possible for me to get the html/assets back or access the code to update the app using VoltBuilder.


You should be able to get most of it back. Rename the .apk extension to .zip, then unzip it. You’ll see all the files in the resources folder.

One thing you won’t be able to get back is the signing certificates, if any. You will need to generate new ones. can help with that.

Hi VoltBuilder Team,
Thanks for that super quick response -tried that and its worked like treat. I thought I’d have to jump through some hoops; no idea it was that easy!

From what’s been unzipped i’m wondering if this could be recompiled to the new .aab bundles now used by Android to replace .apk? all code seems intact and resources.

If so i’ll make it my first VoltBuilder Project.

Thanks guys …

Yes, .aab support is coming very soon. Google will start requiring it in August for listing in the Play store. .apk files will continue to work if you’re not using the Play Store.

Sweet … thanks guys