Error on build - Unprocessable Entity

This just started. No changes on the file. It just built correctly an hour ago.

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I have the same error “Unprocessable Entity”.
What can I do? Thanks!

Are you still seeing this? We haven’t been able to make this happen.

Yes, It still happens.
First message: “Unprocessable Entity” and second “Unknown”

This can happen if there is something wrong in the information being passed to VoltBuilder. We’re improving the error messages.

In the meantime, check your zip file. What email address are you signed on as? Are you submitting on the Android or iOS button?

We think we have found the problem. Some Windows machines are sending a different MIME type for zip file than we expect. Working on the fix now…

OK, fixed. Let us know if you see anything else!

Hi! Compress with 7-Zip it’s OK.
Thank you very much for the support.

All good now. Thanks!