How can i set "Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries of your main target to yes"

I am getting UserError:

fatal error: ‘Razorpay/Razorpay-Swift.h’ file not found

error while building IOS application. This is plugin specific error. Plugin url is

they mentioned Note : Make sure that you set Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries of your main target to yes.

so how can i set this Yes

This plugin looks like it might do what you need:


Give it a try and report back if it works for you.

I added this plugin. but still same result

We’re looking at this…

Can you please send a copy of your app (with any private information removed) to Thanks!

Yes i sent at

Thank you - I’m still looking into this. I should have a more concrete update soon.

Sorry for the slow response. The problem has turned out to be both tougher and more interesting than we expected. We’re still working on it.

any update?

The problem continues to fascinate here. It’s not a one person issue anymore - we’re getting together today on this.

The problem is definitely caused by the Razorpay plugin - it works differently than the other 1000+ plugins we support.

We’re seeing if there is a workaround.

I went back to first principles and tried to see if their sample worked.

There were problems, so I opened an issue in the repo.

Hopefully, they reply.

I got the answer from the razor pay

“Dear Partner,
Sincere apologies for the delay and inconvenience caused. The cordova plugin is wrapper around native SDK, so it doesn’t work with the tools like which doesn’t support native modules.”

I’m not hopeful, but you could ask them to update their app so it does not have this requirement.

More than 1200 plugins are now on VoltBuilder’s Approved List. We haven’t seen another one with a restriction like this, which suggests it should be be possible to get around.

I got reply from razorpay

Can you please share the version of Swift, Cordova, and ionic, Razorpay SDK that you are using, and at which point are you facing the issue it would be helpful if you share the screenshot error log so that we can check it further and provide you a better solution.

If you send them the log from the build, it should have this information.