I being charged again when I tried to end the payment

I have a Pro Plan, in which end tomorrow 11/16/2020, But I don’t want to renew for next month. So I change the plan to free. But it doesn’t give me the remaining of the time that I have left in the PRO plan that I already paid for, in which don’t expire til tomorrow. So I change it back to Pro plan so I can still upload my app til tomorrow. Now it charged me for next month. Your payment page is all mess up and impractical. I need for you guy to refund me for next month payment $37. Its already being charged in my card.

You signed up on Sept 15, so it’s reasonable that you are charged the monthly amount on the 15th of each month.

You are on the Free plan right now, and your Nov 15 payment has been refunded.

At the time I wrote the complaint, I still have time remaining on my account. Anyway, what I want to said is that your payment page have a bug that don’t allow people to have the remaining time when they end their renewal early. When I switch to free plan to turn off the renewal, my account is switch to FREE plan and no longer have access to my remaining PRO plan time. You guys need to have a legit billing page for each account, a confirmation button before each payment, and most important, a “turn off” auto renewal option. Also thanks for the quick refund. Over all this is a good service and have a bright future, just need to polish it a little bit.