Invoice data for VoltBuilder payments

In the site VoltBuilder, we didn’t find where to set the company data (VAT, name, address,…).

Without these data, we won’t receive any invoices, I guess. How can we get the invoice when the payments are made?

The invoice is sent by Stripe, our card processor, each month when the payment is made. Since you’re still on the 30 day free trial, there is no invoice yet.

We are based in Canada, so we will not have a VAT number.

Yes but… you need OUR vat and our data… but we didn’t set anything of these (name, address, country, vat, …). Where can we set them?

We are outside the EU: I don’t believe we are required to do this.

I can reply: we are in EU, we need this :slight_smile:

I’ll ask Stripe. Let’s see what they say.

Normally, we do not collect billing information. We do not need it for our purposes, so there is no reason to ask for it.

But you can add it to your invoice:

Go to the Pricing page and click on Change Payment Info.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 3.21.35 PM

In the Billing Information section, click on Update Information. Fill in your VAT number as part of the address. You can see the full invoice when you click on View PDF in the receipt you get from us.

Perfect, thanks!