PhoneGap Build tutorial not works for Android

I’ve followed the instructions on your PGB tutorial ( but if I use this configuration I receive the error below (see “build id” if you want to see whats happened on your system):

"androidAlias": "key0",
"androidAliasPassword": "...",
"androidDname": "CN=..., OU=..., O=..., L=..., ST=..., C=...",
"androidKeystore": "certificates/same-file-used-on-pgb.keystore",
"androidKeystorePassword": "...",

Incorrect androidAlias or androidAliasPassword in keystore. You can correct this in voltbuilder.json Build ID: a2347e27-fba3-4398-8e96-4e1b487bdabf

In the “certificates” folder I’ve the same .keystore file used on PGB.
Obviously where there are the “…” is because I have hidden the true values for a security reason on this public forum.

I solved it. It was a problem with the androidAlias name.

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