Speed Updates, Xcode 14.3, and NPM 6 End of Life

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to tell you that our recent speed updates have paid off and iOS builds have gotten faster by an average of 50 seconds! We’ve been making improvements for some time now, and everything came together with the last few updates to give things a massive boost. Of course, we’ll be continuing to make things even faster in the future, but we’re definitely happy with how things have been going so far.

In other news, we’re working on upgrading our servers for Xcode 14.3. We’ll need to update our servers to the new MacOS for that, so we’ll be progressively upgrading and testing our servers over the next little while as a result. Don’t worry though, your builds should still be accepted by the App Store for a while yet, even with 14.2. We just wanted to keep you all in the loop about things while we upgrade.

Capacitor users may have seen that NPM 6 and Node.js 14 are entering “End of Life” at the end of April 2023. This will impact the way that peer dependencies are installed, and may have an impact on your projects. For both quick and long-term solutions, check out our article on the topic!

Happy building everyone!

Hi, we have problems with the lastest update to XCode 14.3,
The plugin push @havesource/cordova-plugin-push is not compatible. There is any way to indicate to use another version of XCode in compilation?.


Hello! I replied to your question here: Conflict found, edit-config changes from config.xml will overwrite plugin.xml changes - #4 by artlogic