A Complete "Hello World" type of example?

It would be great to be able to download Volt Builder “hello world” that includes common functionality like:

  • custom icons
  • custom splash screen
  • status bar config

Right now I’m trying to figure out why Volt Builder builds fail to use the correct splash screens. Since there’s no place I can check for a known-good configuration, and there’s no error messages, it’s just hours of trial-and-error instead.

That would be extremely useful as the only splash screen that I can get to work is a default (2732 x 2732) one. None of my “regular” ones will show even though they worked as expected with the old PhoneGap build process.

Good idea - we’ll make one.

You may use my PGB template as a base, if it now provides any value. I haven’t updated it for VoltBuilder, but with minor tweaks it works fine (“www/” added to assets, config.xml in the root etc).

Also, I’d be interested in pointers for how to improve PhoneGap Image Generator for VoltBuilder (that should really have been Cordova…). I’ve successfully used it with VoltBuilder, but there might be better ways to handle images now. It doesn’t support SVG (etc vector formats) as input, but on the other hand, SVG doesn’t need scaling.


My company developed both, but the source for the template and sample config.xml are free to use. The source for APIG could be licensed though (PHP + ImageMagick).

Hello Anders!
I just wanted to say, I’ve used your PGB/Cordova icon generator several times for PGB and Cordova (CLI) projects! You’re a lifesaver! I’ve tried many other iOS/Android icon generators, and your’s just always works. Can’t thank you enough for your generous free tool.


I even use it myself :).

OK, we’ve posted a repo with a simple HelloWorld project you can use as a template.

There’s a project you can clone. It will make an apk with VoltBuilder which you can run on your Android device.

To build for iOS, you’ll need to supply your own certificates.

Feel free to let us know how we can make it better, either by open issues or adding comments here.

(Edit: link updated)

Preferably point the URL in the post to the code page.

There are no script includes in index.html. Don’t you need at least cordova.js?

Regarding “Images can be generated by cordova-res or https://abiro.com/tutorials/phonegap/

Preferably point directly to https://pgicons.abiro.com/ to avoid confusion with the PGB template.

Thank you!

Cordova.js gets added automatically. That makes sure it’s the latest version.

The links have been corrected.