Add plugin cordova-plugin-serialport-rw to Approved Plugins

Hi, I need to make a serial connection in Android to serial port ttyS4, but all the plugins that make serial connections are using the USB serial, and I need the old serial.

Do you know about a plugin that makes this type of connection?

I found this one:

But I don’t know if it’s possible to add it here because of this:

I’ll be waiting for your response.
Thanks a lot

Modifying the two XML files could be done with an edit-config directive, but modifying the Java file would require using a hook. Regardless this looks to be a fairly complex install. Are there other options you’ve found?

I haven’t found any other :frowning:
(I’ve search for npm and github)

Do you have another idea?
I really need this type of connection

How about this one?

It looks like it could work - but I’m certainly not an expert with either of these plugins. Your best bet is to attempt to run a few builds and to see what works and what doesn’t. I’m happy to point you towards the documentation on edit-config and Cordova hooks.

Great! Thanks a lot!

Do I have to wait until you approve this plugin to make the tests?

We can review the two plugins right now, assuming they are in npm.

If they aren’t in NPM, you can either add them yourself, or upgrade to Enterprise which allows custom plugins.

This is the link to NPM:

The plugin has been approved.