Always builds apk

I’ve read the docs and set androidPackageType to “bundle” and removed both the googlePlayKey and googlePlayTrack but no matter what I try it always builds an apk… am I missing something or is there an issue at the moment? Thanks.

My usual setting is APK and the contents of googlePlayKey and googlePlayTrack is removed. I think that these settings solely have to be removed when building apk. Could you try again, WITH entries for googlePlayKey and googlePlayTrack?

Can you share the contents of your voltbuilder.json?

“androidAlias”: “key0”,
“androidAliasPassword”: “password”,
“androidKeystore”: “certificates/android.p12”,
“androidKeystorePassword”: “password”,
“androidPackageType”: “bundle”,
“googlePlayKey”: “”,
“googlePlayTrack”: “”,
“iosDevP12”: “certificates/ios_development.p12”,
“iosDevP12Password”: “password”,
“iosDevelopment”: “certificates/dev.mobileprovision”,
“iosDistP12”: “certificates/ios_distribution.p12”,
“iosDistP12Password”: “password”,
“iosDistribution”: “certificates/dist.mobileprovision”,
“iosPackageType”: “app-store”,
“itunesAccount”: “email”,
“itunesAppPassword”: “password”,
“release”: “debug”

I’ve tried with and without googlePlayKey/googlePlayTrack, setting googlePlayTrack as “internal”, setting release and “release”, any help appreciated.

Recreated my android.p12, changed the target to 12.0.0 (was 11) and set the androidPackageType to aab and now its working!? Not sure what did it, but thanks for being a soundboard.