Android 13 - target Api 33 usescleartexttraffic not working


I have found in the latest build when targeting API 33 on Android 10+ devices that is not honored.
On an Android 8.1 phone, it still works. But not on Android 13 phones.

Has anyone found a solution/workaround?

I need to access interfaces that are only http:// on the local wifi network to send commands to control them.

I have spent hours looking accross the web and all solutions point to nothing else. and no info about the latest build 33 not honoring it.

There are a few plugins which can help:

However, I would suggest instead using a 3rd party service like ngrok to expose your test endpoints as HTTPS. For production endpoints you should always use HTTPS and Let’s Encrypt is a viable option that allows you to do so for free.