Android adaptive icon does not get used


So I have my (1024x1024) adaptive icons (icon-background.png and icon-foreground.png) for android in resources/android.

They seem to make it to the build, in folders such as mipmap-xhdpi-v26, foreground with the name ic_launcher_foreground.png accompanied by an XML file, not sure what happened to the background one)

When installing the debug version of the app onto phones, I just get the regular icon round cropped.

There is more documentation on the cordova-res page.

I checked for issues with adaptive icons. There seen to be several open ones - it might be work reviewing them.

Partly my fault, as I thought the same area was 72dp but its is actually 66dp, hence the unexpected clipping.

However, the background image is not present in the final build. Why would this be? File name is right.

Is it even worth it using icon backgrounds? Are they being used at all? Looking at my Pixel phone with Android 11 I only see the foreground and a background color being used. Not even by google. The cool animation examples in the documentation are nowhere to be seen in my phone

Since we didn’t develop cordova-res, we can’t really provide a lot of support for it. I understand it’s widely used, with 21,000 downloads in the last week.

You might try opening an issue on the cordova-res repo.