Android adaptive icon

Hi - I now got my Icon made in an psd template.

But can someone please help, getting it to work in Voltbuilder, What changes do I need to make?


Cordova can’t handle .psd files.

You’ll need to convert them to .png of various sizes, or you can have VoltBuilder generate them from a template (which also should be a png or jpg).

Sure … I am looking for the way to setup the config.xml for Voltbuilder

Hej Flemming,

Have you tried implementing it as it’s shown from the Cordova documentation?

@Burfelt - Thanks for input :slight_smile:

As for now I use the Voltbuilder simple way to generate the app icon by this:

Was hopeing that Voltbuilder had an simple way for this too

Yes, those are your choices. Let VoltBuilder generate the images for you, or specify them in detail yourself as set out in the Cordova docs.

Okay - Let me ask in another way :slight_smile:

Will Voltbuilder support Adaptive icons out of the box?

Yes, they are supported. Here are Cordova’s docs.