Android and ios certificate

  1. I have 4 nsb projects. Do i need 4 difference certificate file for each?

  2. Previously, i am using java tool to generate android certificate which named as *.keystore. But when using VoltSigner, it generates *.p12. Are these two files are same?
    this is a bit confuse because p12 is needed for ios release.

  3. voltbuilder.json is not found after certificate generated. Do I need to create by myself?

  4. By using VoltSigner, do i still need to fill the values in voltbuider and cordova section under project properties?


(Some parts of these answers are specifically for people using VoltBuilder via AppStudio. AppStudio uses the VoltBuilder API to make executables)

  1. Yes. The certificate needs to be unique for each project.

  2. .keystore and .p12 files are not actually the same, but both can be used to sign Android apps. .p12 files are more secure. iOS also uses .p12 files, but the information contained in them is different. An Android .p12 file cannot be used to sign an iOS app.

3 & 4: If you’re using AppStudio, you need to copy the signing file names and passwords into the VoltBuilder section in Project Properties. You don’t edit the voltbuilder.json file directly.

I hope this helps!

Hello, does a new keystore (for android) and a new certificate for ios (ios_distribution.cer) need to be created (via for all new versions of the SAME app project?? Or can the old ones be used to upload new versions of the app??

Yes, you can use the same certificate for new versions of the app.

For Android, you definitely want to do this - if you use a new certificate, the Play Store will think it’s a new app.

For iOS, the certificates expire after a while, so you’ll need to generate new certs from time to time.