Android Job Reporting Issue - Queuing

We’re currently experiencing an issue where the status of some Android jobs isn’t being reported back to our main servers from our build agents. This results in a job appearing in “Queuing” state forever despite actually running.

If this happens to you, please submit the job again. At most jobs should queue for 5 minutes during the busiest times, and generally it should be a much shorter wait.

We’re investigating the issue and will have an update for you shortly.

We have discovered the root cause of the issue - an intermittent DNS/server failure with one of our upstream providers. Now that we’ve identified the issue, we are working with the provider to get the issue fixed ASAP.

If you notice an Android job queuing for a long period of time, please attempt to resubmit it. We will let you know when the issue is resolved.

The issue has been corrected with the upstream provider. We will continue to closely monitor the situation but we believe the issue is resolved. If you have any problems with Android jobs not completing, please report that here. Thank you!