Android Splashscreen Disappears

I’m using AppStudio and building apps with VoltBuilder.

On iOS, when the app starts, the splashscreen displays and stays on until the first form shows.

On Android, when the app starts, the splashscreen displays briefly and then disappears and does not reappear before the first form shows.

Any ideas?
Thank you

There’s a report of something similar happening in the #cordova-android Slack channel.

" suraj prakash 5:59 AM

Hello Guys. we use Cordova-iOS : ^6.2.0 in our app. On 28th June 4:00 PM IST, the splash screen used in our app was not auto hiding. Although, we set AutoHide Splash Screen to its default value, which is set as TRUE . It was not hiding after few seconds and was showing for a long time. By 29th June 9:00 PM IST, it automatically got fixed and started working fine. Any idea, what would have caused it. Whenever the splash screen lasted for long, in initial few seconds we got this error [80287:812036] [ProcessSuspension] 0x7fe8ef0174b8 - TimedActivity::activityTimedOut:"

Nothing further appears.