Android store app ignores icon background that works in release version

So I thought I had set my Android icons properly as both debug and release versions installed in my phone showed background and foreground.

However, when actually adding the APK to my Android Store, and installing that app, I get a white background.

Can you post screen shots so people can see what is going on?

How are your icons generated?

Not much to see, an icon with a coloured background becomes an icon with a white background. Same release APK, installed using the QR code or from Google’s App Store.

config stuff, manually generated (auto mode distorts aspect ratio and generates way too many files):

<platform name="android">
	<resource-file src="resources/values/colors.xml" target="/app/src/main/res/values/colors.xml" />
  <icon background="@color/background" density="ldpi" foreground="resources/android/icon/icon-36-ldpi.png" />
  <icon background="@color/background" density="mdpi" foreground="resources/android/icon/icon-48-mdpi.png" />
  <icon background="@color/background" density="hdpi" foreground="resources/android/icon/icon-72-hdpi.png" />
  <icon background="@color/background" density="xhdpi" foreground="resources/android/icon/icon-96-xhdpi.png" />
  <icon density="xxhdpi" foreground="resources/android/icon/icon-144-xxhdpi.png" background="resources/android/icon/icon-144-xxhdpi-background.png" />
  <icon density="xxxhdpi" foreground="resources/android/icon/icon-192-xxxhdpi.png" background="resources/android/icon/icon-192-xxxhdpi-background.png" />

colors.xml contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <color name="background">#f7931e</color>

Again: How are your icons generated?

Not sure if I understand the question. Specifically, using Inkscape one by one.

This isn’t really a VoltBuilder issue - we just pass along whatever images you supply.

Could it have to do with Adaptive Icons?