replacement apps switching from phonegap build

We have two plugins which won’t build with voltbuild after migrating from phonegap build - both failing on


Are there any recommendations for apps that compile within voltbuild as replacements?


Oddly - both these plugins appear on the approved list? Maybe I’m doing something else wrong in my config?


The app compiles if I remove these two plugins.

What’s the exact error message?

UserError: error: package does not exist The library has been replaced by AndroidX. Search the log for ‘Installing Android library:’ and look 3 lines up for the name of the plugin. Please check with the author of the plugin for an update.

Have a look at Tips for PhoneGap Users.

Look at the AndroidX section. One of the suggestions there is to add this to your config.xml:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter" />

Fantastic! That’s built for Android (need to test on a device though).

Waiting for the project apple dev access to generate new certificates to test iOS - but thanks for saving a legacy project!

Thanks for the good news!

For generating certificates, have you seen VoltSigner?

So I’ve been able to download the compiled app onto an Android device, and ADB is showing that after device ready “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘notification’ of undefined” - it would appear there is an issue with the local notification plugins - the app I’m trying to get backup and running for iOS14 mainly, is focused around local notifications.

So although the app is compiling - and after trying a number of the approved local-notification plugins - is there something else I’m maybe missing to be able to bring this back from the dead? Thanks!

From looking at the TypeError, can you see what object it is trying to read notification from?

It looks like it is not being created - or, it isn’t created yet when you’re trying to access it.

So after much faffing - it was just a case of including all the right AndroidX preferences and plugins. A simple migration for Android - still waiting for access to the mobile provisioning file to test iOS.