AndroidX conflict with other existing plugins

I use plugin that uses AndoridX, so it gives conflict with other existing plugins on packages. So I publish my fork versions of these plugins where I change to androidx.core. Please, can you approve these plugins or give me some other solution. The list of plugins:


Updating libraries to use AndroidX instead of the old Android Support Library is a great idea. Google announced AndroidX about 2 years ago - it’s time to get updated.

Here’s on article on what’s behind it.

We’ll review these plugins today, then anyone can use them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve reviewed a few of your plugins and was hoping you might be able to update the repos to represent the published code to NPM. As an example cordova-plugin-evoca-camera has differing package.json and plugin.xml files published to NPM, and the NPM version includes a number of other files not present in the GitHub repo:

Files cordova-plugin-camera/package.json and package/package.json differ
Files cordova-plugin-camera/plugin.xml and package/plugin.xml differ
Only in package/src/android:
Only in package/src/android: biometric.gradle
Only in package/src/android:
Only in package/src/android: libs
Only in package/src/android: res
Only in package/src/ios: OZLivenessSDK
Only in package/src/ios: src
Only in package/src: scripts
Only in cordova-plugin-camera/tests/ios: .gitignore
Only in package/www: BiometricAuthentication.js
Only in package/www: BiometricAuth.js

Please let me know once you’ve updated you repos to represent what’s been published to NPM and I’ll take another look at these. Thanks!

HI, thanks for your review. I fixed it and now codes in the github and npm must be the same. Please, review again

Thanks - we’re on it.

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We’ve reviewed all of your plugins, and all have been approved except for cordova-plugin-evoca-camera. The following files are present in the NPM package, but not at GitHub:

Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/android:
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/android: biometric.gradle
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/android:
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/android: libs
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/android: res
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/ios: OZLivenessSDK
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src/ios: src
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/src: scripts
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/www: BiometricAuthentication.js
Only in cordova-plugin-camera-package/www: BiometricAuth.js

Could you please add these missing files to your GitHub repo? Thanks!

Are you sure? These files must not be there. I npm install this package to check and I don’t find the files you mentioned. These files are from another plugin, are you sure that they are in camera plugin?

It’s possible this is my mistake. I’ll review it again shortly.

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Looks like this was a problem with our auditor. I’ve fixed it and your plugin is approved! Sorry about the mix up!

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Thanks, but when I try to add this plugin, I got this error message:

Failed to restore plugin “cordova-plugin-evoca-camera”.
You might need to try adding it again.
Error: TypeError: Invalid Version: null
Build 958d8e83-80be-46f4-a0f8-d3d2bf8575eb failed

What is wrong?

I’m looking into this.

The problem is that you didn’t explicitly specify a version in your package.json or config.xml for this plugin, and the only version available on npm is a prerelease version (it includes “-dev”). You can either update the version on npm to a full version, or specify the prerlease version explicity.

Thanks. Please, can you also add: cordova-plugin-document-reader-core-doctype this plugin. You can also add cordova-plugin-document-reader-api. But I really need the first one.

cordova-plugin-document-reader-core-doctype and cordova-plugin-document-reader-api have been approved.

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