Any content restrictions with the free plan? Problems with my CS Policy

I created a very simple Framework7 app that contains a remote loaded image.
It is the img-src tag loading a remote image from

Then i zipped the WWW folder, uploaded it to VoltBuilder to try it out for the first time and my APK is build and i can download and install it.
The app works, only the remote image is not shown.

I know that this might be connected to the Content Security Policy META tag, but as my developer console in Firefox comes up with not errors, i am a bit lost on what the problem could be.

So the question is:
Are there any technical restrictions with the FREE plan (apart of those mentioned on the website) that could cause such a problem. As i can only create 4 apps per day with the free plan, i am afraid on putting so much trash on your servers because i have to use trial and error to find out where the problem is.

For example: with my last upload i forgot to put the cordova.js tag into the HEAD, so i am now uploading a new version simply containing this tag. Please forgive this nonsense.

There are no content restrictions on the free plan.

Your guess that the issue is CSP is a good one. CSP requirements for a native app are different than when running the app on the desktop.

The best way to find your CSP problem is to use the Chrome Remote Debugger.

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