APK installing issue when update Android API level to 31 from 30

Hi Team,

As google has make it mandatory to use android Api level to 31.
So I updated to 31 and build an apk for test.

But when m trying to install it getting some errors as below.
There was a problem while parisng the package.
But if I revert it back to 30 it seems happy. Any idea what is causing this issue.



That’s not a very helpful message, so it’s tough to say what the solution is.

What version Android is on the device?

Have you tried deleting the old version before installing the new?

Have you followed all these steps to build for Android 12?

Beyond that, you may have to google for suggestions. (There are a number of hits!)

good morning, with the change to android-targetSdkVersion 31 the cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependency-updated plugin gives compilation error in voltbuild, any solution? Thank you

@venazco - This looks like a known issue - this plugin is having problems with the new release of Android.

This will be up to the maintainer to fix - it isn’t something we have control over. He states on the home page:

:warning: After 3 years of developing and maintaining this plugin, due to the lack of sponsorship from the community and more promising opportunities, this project is now frozen. Anyone can clone and continue the good work. :warning:

What plugin do you recommend for the new level 31 of android?
Thank you

We haven’t worked with any of the plugins ourselves, so we can’t give a good recommendation.

We have a list of plugins which have been approved. You might have a look for Firebase plugins on that list. Look them up on npm and see how actively maintained they are. If you click through to their Github repository, you can look at the outstanding issues.