App Processing for hours

My build has been processing for hours till now, I can’t even build any new apps, how can I destroy the current process?

Have you tried refreshing your browser and submitting again?

Yes, Many times, Same processing message appears

We’re looking into this. Processing is working well for all other jobs.

What exactly happens when you try to submit? Any messages on the console for the Upload page?

I’ve taken a look and I don’t see any problem on our end. Are you able to resubmit?

This is what I see and I can’t upload a new app since yesterday, my email address is

I’m sorry about that. Can you tell me, do you receive an error when you try to upload? Is the upload area/button disabled? Is there an error message in your browser console?

No errors, just says uploading, then processing then stuck in the processing phase

Have you tried logging out and in again?

Yes that worked, thank you