App started to fail build two days ago without any changes

Hi guys, everything was fine until a couple days ago. Now we are getting an error and build fails.
It seems to be something related to Pushwoosh plugin, but we are using same version of it 7.8.11 (latest). We searched in Pushwoosh docs and forums and also asked them for help but nothing seems to be wrong yet.
Therefore we thing it must be something related to last volt changes.
Here´s the link to the build log:

It’s not due to changes on our part. We’ve only been adding plugins and error messages. Processing plugins is a black box to us - we just pass the info in config.xml to Cordova for processing.

Googling error: package does not exist, I find a number of hits. It might have something to do with androidx.

After a long break of building apps, I’m getting back to it sooo has anyone found a solution to this yet?

error: package does not exist
error: package does not exist