App Store Connect

  1. On Docs it is mentioned “Uploading to iTunes App Store Connect”. Is this reffering to App Store Connect or iTunes Connect? (I believe it’s the former, but need reassurance)

  2. On the same Doc’s page is it mentioned that we should use

"release": "release",
"iosPackageType": "app-store",
  • Is “release” mandatory for the upload to Connect to succeed or is it possible to set it to “debug”?

  • Similarly, are there any other possible values to “iosPackageType”, other than “app-store”?

I should mention that at this point I am interested in testing/debugging my app on a real device -via TestFlight i suppose-

  1. You’re right - we will correct the wording. It should be “Apple App Store Connect”

  2. If you’re uploading to the Apple App Store, it has the be a release build.