Appetize .app bundle


i want to use for creating screenshots for ios app store but i need to upload app in " .ap` bundle" format.
Can i achive that with Volt build? Or do you have another solution?

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Volt will build that at this time.

Few free options are to just install the ipa on a test iOS device and take screenshots or use the screen recording feature and then extract frames from the video.

Or, if your app looks the same on both Android and iOS, Google Play creates screenshots for you when you upload and you can just use those.

@JeremyWJ is correct - VoltBuilder does not make Simulator builds, so it won’t work with We’ll have a look at what it would take to support this.

It would be nice if we could create screenshots for different devices through an online service like Appetize, as the iOS store requires screenshchots from very different devices…

I’ve often taken the ones Google Play generates and just resized them as necessary. Honestly, I don’t think people pay much attention to the store screenshots anyway so I never put too much effort into it.

There is a mobile simulator add-on for the Chrome browser that will take pics with or without the frame if the app will work on a browser

I agree but on IOS App store i get often rejected when using resized screenshots.

Thanks i am going to try this

In the app runs from a browser, using the developer mode with mobile view you can do screen captures (frameless) in all required sizes