Apps built with Volt Build not Working on Android 13

Hi everyone,
My apps (built with volt build) are not opening on android 13 unless if they are already installed before the update to android 13. The problem also occurs even if I publish the apps on the Google play store. Can you please help?

What SDK are you using? Have you tried SDK 32?

<preference name="android-targetSdkVersion" value="32" />

Dear @ghenne , Initially I am using , I changed it to the suggested but still is not working on android 13. Thank you

My config.xml contains

engine name=“android” spec=“10.1.2”
preference name=“android-targetSdkVersion” value=“33”

Working, Without issues.

Are there any error message on the Chrome console? Use the Remote Debugger to check.

@ghenne there was no error. The main concern is that, the app is working on android version 12 downward. It is only not working on android 13. I noticed that the problem is with the AdmobPro . Is there any suggestion on whether AdmobPro plugin is working on android 13 please?

You’ll need to check with maintainer of the AdMobPro plugin to see if it supports Android 13. We have no way of knowing ourselves.

It was last updated over a year ago, so it may not have Android 13 support yet.