Apps not working : Apps changes" Kotilin added inside apps


Recently I have notice that apps created via volt builder stopped working, when I diagnosed the problem – I came to know about two major changes in apps.

  1. “Kotlin” Folder is added newly
  2. Inside “res” folder image file and folder structure has been changed.
  3. Splash screen is not working.

Even I am not able to login into my apps.

Can you please let me know what are the changes made by your team, if you have any document or help, please let me know.

We are in agreement with customer and delayed due to this unexpected changes.

Notes : Apps created on 19 Dec 2022 is working fine, it means something has been changed after words.

Did you upgrade your app to target Android 12? That changes things in regards to the res and splash screen. I’m not sure about the kotlin folder being there or not in previous android versions. However, I think it is added, at least, as necessary by some plugins.

All that said, I kind of doubt your issue is related to any of the above. Have you tried a debug build to see if there are errors?