Automatically generated splash screens distort width/height ratio

Hi all:

So I’m finally moving from PhoneGap to Volt.

The idea of just using a single splashscreen and having all the required sizes calculated automatically was too good not to try,

However, the image gets distorted, the width/height ratio is not kept.

I used:

“fit”: “cover”, (not very sure what the different options meant)
“orientation”: “portrait”, (not sure what this does)
“position”: “center”

Thanks in advance for the help.

The image generation is done by cordova-res.

They have more documentation and options on their home page.

They offer no help. Does it make sense that the width/height is changed?
What do the different for and orientation settings do?

The only documentation we have is what is on their site. The source code is also on GitHub - it might help to have a look at that.

tried also “fill” fit, which results in an even more distorted aspect ratio
“contain” makes no sense (square in the middle)