Avoiding iOS debug releases upload to App Store

Hi all,

I’m getting this error from VoltBuild when building iOS debug releases:

ServerError: App Store Connect validation failed
2024-01-08 05:23:53.072  INFO: ContentDelivery version 2.141.101 (141101).
2024-01-08 05:23:53.077  INFO: Show Progress: Contacting Apple Services…
2024-01-08 05:23:54.231 *** Error: Validation failed for '/Users/vagrant/voltbuilder/agent/upload/46e5680f-90d9-4536-8665-4a02abcffba9/ios.development.ipa'.
2024-01-08 05:23:54.231 *** Error: You do not have required contracts to perform an operation You do not have required contracts to perform an operation. (ID: c57e6446-60a3-4629-8244-5eb36d92faf7) (403)

Log: https://apps.volt.build/46e5680f-90d9-4536-8665-4a02abcffba9/voltbuilder.log

Seems that VoltBuild tries to upload the IPA signed with Developer Profile to Apple AppStore and can’t be accepted.
How to avoid that without removing iTunes account credentials from voltbuilder.json ?
I want to upload only IPAs signed for distribution.

Thanks in advance

This is a known issue and we’re working on a fix. For the moment you will need to remove iosPackageType or set it to ad-hoc to avoid the upload.

I solved it termporarily by having two voltbuilder.json: voltbuilder-release.json and voltbuilder-debug.json with suitable settings for both Android and iOS in each. Respective gets copied to voltbuilder.json. VoltBuilder ignores the other files.