Best plugin for playing audio

Newbie question alert!

I’m using pixi.js for animation and pixijs/sound for audio but it doesn’t seem to work with voltbuilder. Wondering what everyone else here uses for playing audio, native HTML or a plugin which is supported?

Thanks in advance.

There are over 1200 plugins on our list, with more being added every day.

While we can’t help you with specific plugins, the most comprehensive list is on

You can search that for ideas. If a plugin isn’t listed in VoltBuilder yet, let us know and we will add it.

How about adding:


These are JavaScript libraries - not VoltBuilder/Cordova plugins. Cordova plugins have a wrapper which allows them to use native calls and other Cordova specific features. Here are some of the requirements for Cordova plugins.

That being said, most JavaScript libraries work in VoltBuilder. When you run your app, are you getting any error messages?

I had a look at the npm repo for pixi.js. There are a number of open issues working with Cordova you might have a look at.