Best way to get an iOS test version to 1 or 2 testers?

I’ve successfully built and am testing an Android version of my app. I now want to do the same for an iOS version, assuming I can navigate the build requirements etc (would love some more documentation e.g. step-by-step guide for those of us new to the process, please!) I was wondering how best to let a non-technical tester person get the app onto their iPhone - what’s the easiest path to doing this please? They are trustworthy so I’m not fussed if it’s a debug version with security holes in it (unless that will put them at risk?)


Apple allows for this. You need to get the tester’s device identifier and add it to this page on Apple’s developer site: Sign In - Apple

You can them download a new mobileprovision file and your debug build should run on the tester’s device.

I found using Apple’s “Test Flight” program much easier than messing with the device IDs and the mobileprovision files for each tester you want to add.

You basically upload your app to the App Store Connect site (which you’d need to do anyway to publish the app), then go to the Test Flight page. You can add/invite “external” test users simply by adding their email address (if they have an Apple ID email, it’s best to use that one).

Then the testers just download the “TestFlight” app on their phone, and once they accept the invite, they will be able to install your app to test on their phone using the TF app.

And once it’s all set up, as soon as you upload a new build to TestFlight, they get an alert that a new version is available to download and test on their phone.

And adding new testers is as easy as adding their email address… no need to get new Device IDs and download a new mobileprovision file each time.

See: TestFlight - Apple Developer