Bluetooth Printer not fully working


Dear all expect, i’m using above plugin at all the while. It working fine until i migrate to this platform. Below is my code:

		for(var i = 0;i<data.length;i++){
			html += '<div class=\"fit button mb-18\" onClick="connectPrinter(\'' + data[i] + '\')">' + data[i] + '</div>';

The problem faced is, if my phone connected to 2 bluetooth device, the array able to loop two times. but can’t read the device info. It display [object Object] when i try to print data[0]

Please advice
Many Thanks

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You may need to contact the author of the plugin about it.

VoltBuilder just compiles your app into an executable using Cordova. It doesn’t change how your code executes.

That being said, have a closer look at typeof(data). I bet it isn’t what you think it is.