Build fails - WKWebView Plugin missing / needed


UserError: Plugin ‘’ is not known to VoltBuilder. Please let us know if you need it.

This plugin is needed to correct the CORS issue with some WKWebView builds.
See topic - Having trouble with UIWebView / WKWebview


I still can’t build without this plugin. It was allowed before. Any ETA / update? Thx.

Did Cordova fix this in Cordova iOS 6.0.0?

Additionaly, WKURLSchemeHandler support has been introduced with this release. Using a custom scheme to serve your app content through fixes CORS issues that exist because of the strict security policies that WKWebView has applied to the file scheme. You can easily configure your Cordova project to use a custom scheme by setting the preference options scheme and hostname in the config.xml file.

<preference name="scheme" value="app" />
<preference name="hostname" value="localhost" />

I can’t use Cordova 6.0.0 yet, because it causes other issues. That’s why I need this plugin

Apple now requires you use cordova-ios 6.1, so you’ll need to solve those problems. Post them here if you like - others may be in the same boat.

I just submitted an update last week with 5.1.1 with this plugin built on VoltBuilder and it was approved. Apple only requires WKWebView that I know of? Cordova 6+ causes some serious issues that will take awhile to sort out for me. What is the reason that you are not allowing this plugin now?

We’re looking at this.

I understand you’ve made some progress with cordova-ios 6.1, so this is no longer an issue. Let me know if more work is needed!

Yes. I’ve sorted out the CORS issues. Still working on the others. Thanks.