Cached apk and ipa when using hosting_id

I have noticed that when making and rebuilding the apk/ipa while using the hosting_id, I often do not see the changes. If I change the hosting_id then I will. I believe it’s probably the browser on my phone(s) caching the download request. Could you add a query param (?ts=timestamp) to the links so that way on every new build the browser will see a new download link.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’m wondering if you can tell me a bit about your workflow? Are you using the QR Code, the API, or getting the URL directly from your browser?

I’m using the QR code. Perhaps this is only an android issue but it seems pretty consistant. If I make a change in the js/html and rebuild without changing the hosting_id and then download via QR, The android devices, ask me if I want to download the same file again (as its names the same). I download and launch and its still the old build.

If I switch from release to debug and build, I will get the latest file. Or if I change the Hosting_id I will get a new file.


We’re going to be making a change to encourage the browser to not cache apps. Once that’s in place we’d appreciate your help in testing the change. I’ll let you know when it’s been implemented.

great thanks

We’ve just pushed a change that should strongly discourage caching of newly uploaded hosted apps. I’d appreciate it if you’d give it a try and see if that resolves the problem you’ve been having. Thanks!

Hi its still not updating.

I did a new test where I changed the app name in the config.xml file. It shows the new name on your web page when finished building however when I download and decompile it, it still shows the old name. (shown in resources.arsc). It also does not show the updated name on my testing device below the icon.

I also made a change to a js file in the www folder and that change was there in the new build, so it is pulling from the updated files.

I think the issue is that the newest config.xml is not being used if the hosting_id is the same as the previous build.

when I change the hosting_id and use the same files as above, the new name in the config shows in the decompile as well as on the device under the logo.

Could you DM me a link to an app that you updated, but still has the old config.xml? I’d like to verify what you’re seeing.

HI Any update? I DM’d you last week with the link.


That’s strange, I don’t have the message. Let me try to DM you.

I just sent a DM. I’m not sure what’s going on, but sorry about the delay. I simply didn’t receive the message.

Hi James, I received the direct email and replied to the email.


It looks like something is wrong with the DM system. We’ll look into it. I’m the interim, please email me:

Hi James, any update on this? Its still happening, and really makes the hosting_id a problem for me as I need to continually remember to change the hosting ID on every build, and pass out new links once the build is working the way I need it to.


We’re continuing to work on the issue. It only appears to be a problem with Android devices, and only certain Android devices at that. Currently we’ve got a few solutions that we’re making sure work on the broadest number of devices. I should have a fix in place within a day or two. Thanks for your patience.

I wanted to update you to let you know where we’re at with this issue. It turns out that the underlying issue is certain browsers caching HTTP 301 redirects. This happens inconsistently across platforms and browsers, so many devices simply aren’t affected, which made tracking down the issue a bit of a challenge.

I’m currently re-implementing how hosting_id works so 301 redirects aren’t used. Once this is done and working internally, I’ll contact you again so you can test the solution.