Can I have different App IDs for Android and iOS platforms?

My issue is very similiar to a StackOverflow article found here:

While updating an app, I realised I have lost my keystore file needed.
Since I have no other way to update that app, I am forced to make a new app on the Play Store with a different ID to the existing app I have

I have tried uploading to Volt with my widgets ID being replaced with below (as the StackOverflow suggests):


Is this something Volt supports?


That would would be very useful. Having two different IDs has been a pain in the neck for years in one of my apps.

What happened when you tried? If it’s supported by Cordova, it should work with VoltBuilder.

When I attempted to add those instead of ‘id’ Volt failed, saying that I did not have an id.
What I am doing for now is manually swapping the id depending on whether I building for iOS or Android.

Let me try setting this up here…

Can you give me your widget line from config.xml?


Try adding this line:


It will get overridden by your other lines, so it shouldn’t make any difference. According to the Cordova Docs, the id field is required.

Thanks for confirming that this works in the Cordova docs!
Having all 3 lines in widget worked for me.

For me too. ¡Useful!