Cannot generate p12 file


I am trying volt signer csr file is being generated but not p12.

Basically, Apple certificate is expired so I need to create a new certificate and a new app.

First I tried with volt signer and created csr file, created new apple certificate and add it to profile.

After that, I tried upload the zip folder to create app but getting below error;

UserError: error: No certificate for team ‘xxxxx’ matching ‘iPhone Developer: xxxxx (C6ZQDAC47R)’ found: Select a different signing certificate for CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY, a team that matches your selected certificate, or switch to automatic provisioning. (in target ‘Mobile Service’ from project ‘Mobile Service’)

I believe this error is, I also need to update p12 certificate but I am not able to generate it.


I took a break and followed the steps again and its worked. :slight_smile:


The same technique works for me on all kinds of the problems! Thanks for the follow up.