Cannot get form to scroll on Android

I have a form that almost fills the screen. On my Android build, when I position the cursor on an input text field further down the form, the text input keyboard pops up and obscures the text field where you’re typing. On iOS, the form automatically scrolls up so that the input field is above the on screen keyboard. Even when I run the app as a web app using Chrome on Android, the form scrolls up correctly.
I’ve tried forcing a vertical scroll bar using overflow-y:auto and overflow-y: auto, both on the form and on the enclosing div but nothing makes the scroll bars appear or the screen to scroll.

Are you able to provide a simple example of this problem so we can attempt to reproduce it? It’s unlikely it’s an issue with VoltBuilder and more of a Cordova issue, but we can take a look.


I’ve created a simplified version of the app that illustrates the problem. I don’t think it’s a cordova problem though, because using Chrome on an Android phone, the original app works fine. When you move into a field in the bottom part of the screen, the screen automatically scrolls up. So it seems to be an issue with the Android build tool. What do you want me to send? I can send for the simplified app. NB there are lots of libraries included in the build which relate to functions not needed for the simplified app

I would remove all those extra libraries and then send the same zip file you upload to VoltBuilder. We’ll take a look.

The Cordova environment is somewhat different than Chrome so I’m not surprised you’re seeing differences. Let’s see what your app looks like.

How do I send you the .zip file?. The emails are coming from no.reply!

You can send the zip file to