Can't load on Apple Store: ERROR ITMS-90596

Today we got this error when uploading our IPA generated with VoltBuilder to Apple Store via Application Loader:

ERROR ITMS-90596: "Invalid Bundle. The asset catalog at 'Payload/La Riserva di' can't be processed. Rebuild your app, and all included extensions and frameworks, with the latest GM version of Xcode and resubmit."

How we can fix it?

VoltBuilder uses the latest GM versions of Xcode, so it’s not that.

Can you send me the email address you submitted under? I’ll look at the logs here (by DM is fine).

our account in VoltBuilder is


Thanks - I found your job. It seems to build normally here - the problem is on the upload. We’ll keep working on it.

¡Great! If I can help with anything just ask me. I can email you my hole zip if you like.

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve rebuilt IPA and reuploaded, but the error still persists.

@VoltBuilderSupport do you have any news about this issue?


We’re still working on this one.

Oops - I should have paid more attention to your initial posting. The Application Loader is no longer supported by Apple. You should use Apple’s Transporter app (available in the App Store) instead.

Another option is to let VoltBuilder do the upload for you, as part of the build. That way, you won’t need a Mac.