Cant upload bundle in Play Store

I cant upload my first app in play store getting below error:

> You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that is signed with a key that is also used to sign APKs that are delivered to users. Because you are enrolled in Play App Signing, you should sign your APK or Android App Bundle with a new key before you upload it.


  1. This is my first app in play store.

  2. Pasted my voltbuilder.json at bottom of this mesaage

  3. Which one of the sign option i need to use while uploading bundle. Which one volt support now
    a. Let Google manage and protect your app signing key (recommended)
    b. Use the same key as another app in this developer account (Cant use this as its my first app)
    c. Export and upload a key from Java keystore

  4. I have created hidden.keystore certificate and placed under certificate folder and created bundle using volt. What change i need to do in this step. Whether point 3 and point 4 are interconnected now?

I want to know what changes to be accomplished to complete my app upload successfull.

    "androidAlias": "hidden",
    "androidAliasPassword": "hidden",
    "androidKeystore": "certificates/hidden.keystore",
    "androidKeystorePassword": "hidden",
    "androidPackageType": "bundle",
    "googlePlayTrack": "production",
    "release": "release"

Getting this step right can be tricky - it’s come up on this forum before. We have put what has worked for others in the Upload to Google Play document.

Have you looked at that?

I have checked that link. I don’t want auto upload.
Please let me know workable solution to fix point 3 and 4. Any new limitation in Volt builder? Please explain whether its possible to upload VOLT generated bundle file after this new google changes.

As per below solution debugable false need to be enabled is there any such option in volt json? This problem will exist for all new account.

We’re not experts in Google’s signing process. We do promise to build aab files to the specs required by the Google Play Store.

You should refer to Google’s docs on how to properly sign and upload to the store. Knowing they are probably written very carefully by experts, I’m not sure I can do a better job.

Hi @prashanth, I got the same error and the solution was aply the second option proposed by google on “Enable Play application signing”:

“Export and upload a key from the Java keystore”
voltbuild.json config:

“androidAlias”: “alias”,
“androidAliasPassword”: “password”,
“androidPackageType”: “bundle”,
“androidKeystore”: “certificates/android.keystore”,
“androidKeystorePassword”: “password”,
to automatically upload:
“googlePlayKey”: “google-api.json”,// voltbuild cert to operate on your google account
“googlePlayTrack”: “production”,
and to manually upload:
“googlePlayKey”: “”,
“googlePlayTrack”: “”,

In my case this error only occurs when the App have some previous version uploaded with an signed .apk, so I already have a .keystore with alias and key-password to execute the command that google provides. On brand new apps this error didn’t appear.

So, I downloaded the Play encrypt private key (PEPK) tool and created a private key “my_private_key” - without an extention-. Is this OK or is there a specific file type I need to be using for this file (e.g .p12) ?
I suppose the next step is to upload the key to Play console.
After I do that, then I just create a bundle with Volt Builder that contains just my usual app signing key? Or does my private key need to be contained and declared somehow in the Volt Builder bundle as well?
Also, (since I was using the same keystore file to sign multiple apps) can just upload the same private key to all apps or do I need to create a new private key for each app?

thank you