CDVLaunchScreen.storyboard error

Hi, we have error on ios build, what’s wrong?

UserError: The following build commands failed: CompileStoryboard /Users/voltbuilder/Code/VoltBuilder/upload/buildid/platforms/ios/blabla\ Mobile/CDVLaunchScreen.storyboard (1 failure)

Digging into the log, I found this:

error: Named colors do not work prior to iOS 11.0. [12]

In your config.xml, you specify the app needs to work on iOS 8:

<preference name="deployment-target" value="8.0"/>

Yep, we just went through this. Change your deployment target to 12 and that error goes away.

If you’re worried about loosing customers, 97% of all iOS devices are now running 12 and 13.

But, if i do not won’t change target, i need ios 8 can i do anything?

Does your app need to be approved by Apple?

yep i hope

If you need your app approved by Apple, you’ll need to use their latest APIs They have made changes to their code so it doesn’t work on older devices.

In this case, newly created apps will only work on iOS 11 and above, since Apple’s latest SDK only supports iOS 11 and above. As @phil.petree pointed out, even if you only include iOS 12 and 13, you get 97% of all iOS devices.

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Digging in to this a bit further and running two tests this morning, if you set the deployment-target value to 11.0 (it must have the dot zero after the eleven) you can build for iOS 11 but that’s as low as you can go.

<preference name="deployment-target" value="11.0"/>