Config.xml error on voltbuild

error return:
VoltBuilder run started at 2021-09-21 23:15:32.608086
Plan: Indy - AppStudio
Preflight Check
adding android to xmlns
config.xml is missing “content” property. Add this line to config.xml:
<content src="index.html />
Build 7ba09215-78d7-41bd-b3f0-63409f17a42d failed

Any ideas

Have you attempted adding the suggested line to config.xml?

not yet
as per this error message , the statement to be added is wrong <content src="index.html />
as per blog post (updates-to-android.html). it suppose to “auto” added the statement in config.xml if i fail to do so

will it be caused another problem in future if i add in the statement in config.xml manually?


The changes documented in the blog post are not yet live (they were for a few hours, but we found some incompatibilities which we are fixing).

Adding the statement manually is the suggested way to resolve this issue, and won’t cause any problems in the future.