Converting an Articulate Storyline course into an app


I’m a newbie here. Trying to develop an app using Articulate Storyline because that’s the only tool I’m comfortable with. Not a prgrammer in any sense. Currently, I’m struggling with uploading and running my course/app. Can someone please help with things such as what goes into the config.xml file and what should be the directory structure etc.?

Thanks a lot in anticipation!


Yes, this should work.

  • Put all your project files in a www directory.
  • Make sure your main file is called index.html
  • config.xml should be at the same level as www.

One thing you can do is download the official sample and use that as a template for your project.

Give this a try and let us know what happens!


Thanks so much; it worked!
Facing a couple of different issues now when I run the app:

  1. The app size doesn’t fit into the mobile phone interface. It’s smaller than the mobile screen. The screen resolution I used when developing it in Storyline was1440 (width)*2047 (height). Can it be made responsive or fluid such that it fits any screen size?

  2. When I try to enter a number in one of the input fields, the app further shrinks in size when the mobile phone’s keypad appears on tapping the input field. I have seen in most apps that their size remains the same, and the keypad shows either numbers or alphabets depending upon what type of input the field accepts.

Can you please suggest? I’m building a prototype for my organization, so that I can convince the management to develop an app using VoltBuilder. Do you suggest I choose something other than Storyline for publishing the HTML output? In that case, is there any alternative that required minimal coding (if at all), so I can at least build a very basic prototype before the main programming team takes over?

Thanks again in anticipation!



The screen sizing issues sound like the responsibility of the app, not VoltBuilder. Does Storyline accommodate different screen sizes? You can usually test this using the Chrome browser by change the size of its window.

I think you are right. Storyline doesn’t seem to be as responsive as they claim it to be. I think I’ll need to see if any other rapid authoring tool can create truly responsive output. Thanks for all the help!

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Hi team,

I tried Captivate instead of Storyline as authoring tool (it’s an Adobe product that once supported PhoneGap as well).

I did everything as I had done for Storyline, but the when I tried running the app on my phone after installation, the error message says that it cannot find index.html. I can see index.html in my www folder though, where I have the published Captivate output.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks and regards,

I took a look inside the APK file and index.html seems to be in the right place.

Can you include the actual error messages? Perhaps there are some more clues…

Yes, I think my index.html was not directly within www, which I corrected in my next upload. So basically it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for great support and prompt responses! You guys rock! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the good news - now good luck with the boss!