Cordova Android library updated to 9.1.0

Apache Cordova has just updated their library for iOS. Cordova-android is now 9.1.1.

Release Highlights

In this minor release, there are various refactoring and bug fixes. Additionally, there were a few new features.

Some of the new feature highlights are:

  • Added Custom Gradle Repositories Support Sometimes there are third-party libraries that do not exist in the repositories that we have defined. With this feature, developers now have an easier way to override the default repository list that we have defined in the Gradle build scripts.Additionally, as JFrog is sunsetting the JCenter repository, developers can remove it, at their own risk. Since this a minor release, we have not removed JCenter as one of the default repositories as it would be considered a breaking change.
  • Support webp Images for SplashScreen Previously we only supported png file formats for splash screens as webp support was only introduced starting from API 17. Since cordova-android@9.x minimum SDK version was raised to 22, the introduction of webp support became possible. webp file formats are known to support transparency and provide the same or similar quality as png files, but its greatest benefit is that it can reduce the image file size by around 25%.

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Full information is on the Cordova Blog: