Cordova-plugin-deeplinks-ios-build-fix causes build fail for iOS

Everything works fine on android.

This plugin seems to have an error. It may be possible to contact the developer, or fork it yourself. Here’s the error:

require(...).globSync is not a function

Here’s what is triggering it: cordova-plugin-deeplinks-ios-build-fix/hooks/lib/ios/xcodePreferences.js at 01937dcbcd90d614a65f7e32e1f29532bdf73c2d · jammin197/cordova-plugin-deeplinks-ios-build-fix · GitHub

From what I can see, glob should be included as a dependency, rather than making the assumption another dependency would pull it in.

If you are stuck, we can probably fix this for you - contact and we’ll give you an idea of the cost.

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