Cordova-plugin-email-composer is missing AndroidX support

Hi all,

we use the plugin cordova-plugin-email-composer and now seems not compiling anymore in VoltBuilder due to missing AndroidX support

There’s already an issue submitted on github repository about this:

It’s dated 2020 and there’s no contributions from authors on it, so I think this plugin isn’t in active development.

Do you guys know some alternative or fork that we can use with VoltBuilder?
Or there’s some workaround to compile with VoltBuilder?

Thanks in advance

This isn’t something we have any control over. Google is definitely moving everything to AndroidX and plugins will have to update.

You might find something else in our list of approved plugins. Otherwise, have a look at - there may be a plugin there which will help.

Inclusion of a plugin on this list only indicates the plugin has met our standards for VoltBuilder. It does not imply that it is properly supported by its author, that it does what is expected, or is compatible with all versions of Android or iOS.

Thank-you for your answer

We are tring to move to cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing that seems it’s providing same functionality and it’s AndroidX compatible