Cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated crash ios

When I add the plugin cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated it runs perfect in android, but crash with iphone (testflight and production).

I tried plugin downgrade in config.xml, using spec=“7.1.0” source=“npm”, but I get this error:

UserError: Conflict found, edit-config changes from config.xml will overwrite plugin.xml changes. To figure out which edit-config clause is the problem, remove edit-config clauses from config.xml one at a time and rerun.

Any idea?

Thank you

I wouldn’t downgrade the plugin - there’s probably good reason for its new version.

When you say it crashes, are there any error messages in the Safari remote console?

You might also check with the developers of the plugin.

(It’s unlikely that VoltBuilder or Cordova are responsible for the issue. Android and iOS are both changing constantly)

Yes, I tried downgrade as a possible solution… but did not worked :frowning_face:

It only crash, without error. Load, show so fast splash screen and close. There is no time to see anything, without log error in the Safari remote console. If I remove this plugin, everything works fine.

Yes, I know… this problem is with plugin… It is not with Volt. Maybe somebody experienced something similar.

Thank you

Have you opened an issue with the developer? It looks like this plugin is actively maintained.

No, I didn’t open because there are many similar issues. The problem, appear, it’s with node and ionic.

But I don’t know how solve for cordova with Volt.

Like this:

(Node downgrade)

For while, I will remove the plugin to iOS.