Cordova-plugin-file-transfer plugin can't build

UserError: xxxxxx/Plugins/cordova-plugin-file-transfer/CDVFileTransfer.m:107:49: error: no known instance method for selector ‘userAgent’ Plugin cordova-plugin-file-transfer has been deprecated by its author. See

How come I can’t build it with the newer cordova? I can still built with older cordova and use that plugin just fine. I need this plugin so I can download a file using URL without having CORS issue. I know cordova have abandon the plugin but it can still be use. So can you guys put it in your plugin list.

As the message says, this plugin has been deprecated by its author. It isn’t needed anymore, and has not been for three years.

Cordova has written a blog post about how to transition from it.

It’s time to update your code.

You don’t think this would be a better route?

With the new features introduced in XMLHttpRequest, this plugin is not needed any more. Migrating from this plugin to using the new features of XMLHttpRequest, is explained in this Cordova blog post.

I have already read that post. XMLHttprequest have issue with CORS. Cordova-plugin-file-transfer don’t have issue with Cross-origin resource sharing ( CORS ), meaning you can download from any URL with different domain. Having said that, WKWebView have stricter restriction for CORS, So Cordova-plugin-file-transfer will have issue with CORS that use WKWebView. There are many work around but I need Cordova-plugin-file-transfer to be able to build first.