CORS error on calling another page

Hi folks,

I was encountering the CORS error when navigating to another page from my index.html page. To fix the problem, I used the page template feature of Onsen UI, which basically creates a page within a page. The issue now is that it’s one page, so the onload even for page or body can accommodate only one JavaScript.

Any solutions? Also, would the CORS error still be there if I package my application as an apk file using VoltBuilder? I’m seeing this issue when I inspect the page in the browser.

Any help would be much appreciated!


The easiest way may be simply to try it. If you connect the Chrome Remote Debugger to the device while you run the app, you can see what error messages are created. You can then adjust the CORS permissions in the. app.

Sorry for the slow reply. This is a known issue on iOS, you have to add the following plugin:

<plugin name="@ahovakimyan/cordova-plugin-wkwebviewxhrfix" />

Thanks a lot!!! Fix my problem!!!