Creating P12 issue

I’m trying to use Voltsigner to create a p12 to use for an ios app build…I filled out the CSR info on VoltSigner…it created a .csr file…I downloaded it and went to the apple site and created a new distribution certificate and used the CSR when prompted…the apple site created a new certificate…I downloaded it…when I went back to VoltSigner to create the p12 by clicking on the .CER file I had downloaded, I got this message - No certificate matches private key. Not sure what I did incorrectly. Did I miss a step ? The message is prefixed with this: " OpenSSL Error 1:"

Did you refresh your browser in between? VoltSigner needs to match the incoming .CER file with the .CSR it created.

I did not know I needed to. I was just following the described steps of taking the ios.csr and uploading it to th apple site to add a new certificate. I did that…and then downloaded the CER filef rom the apple site and clicked on the option to locate the CER file from your site…and that’ when I got the error

Wow, that took a while!

No, you definitely should not refresh or restart your browser session while generating your certificates. It relies on the results of the first half of the process to complete the rest of it.

Which browser are you using? Are you still getting the same error?

I am trying to create an update for the app fo the first time in awhile…hence the delay in my repsonse. I use Edge, CHrome, and IE at times still I JUS HAD THE SAME ISSUE HAPPEN AND THAT TRIGGERED ME TO PUT IT INTO THE FORUM AGAIN I WAS USINF chROME AT THE TIME

Your caps lock key appears to be broken. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you send a screen shot of the message?

I need to draw your attention to this P12 related scenario, which I faced and caused me trouble.
At one point I used VoltSigner to create an ios.csr and a debug/development P12 file. At a later time when I wanted to create a new release/distribution P12 file, I could no longer use my initial ios.csr (you have no upload method for already created csr files) and the “Locate your Certificate File (csr)” button is inactive. That led me to revoke my initial certificates etc and do the whole process (for both development and distribution this time) again from scratch.
My suggestion would be add another button for step 1.
[ Generate Certificate Request (.csr) ] OR [ Upload Certificate Request (.csr) ]
which in turn would activate the [ Locate your Certificate File (csr) ] button

On another -kinda relevant but ever important- note:
since the process for iOS is a real pain for every single damn step I would really love to see a complete video tutorial (series?) on how to create simple iOS cordova app, config.xml, voltbuilder.json, app icon versions, iOS certificates/profiles/etc, advice on Export Compliance Information, use of TestFlight etc and final upload on the app store etc etc.
Your service is very unconventional regarding what apple had in mind for it’s developers and development process (buy a Mac and a bunch of iphones, xcode, etc). Also since that is the case most sources on the web are not very helpful. This is why guidance is truly critical for us developers. I have to confess that I faced immense frustration -if not desperation- several times with these issues (still have some to go :roll_eyes:) and were on the verge of giving up and I believe I am not the only one.


Reusing an old ios.csr file will only work if the same browser session is still active, which is unlikely. Once you get used to it, creating a new certificate isn’t that big a deal. (That’s easy for me to say - I’ve created hundreds of them by now)

Your point about a better tutorial is a good one. Let me talk to the team about it.

I am still running into this problem. I’m using chrome and do not refresh my browser…I go into voltsigner…create a new csr…upload it to apple…created a new ceritificate and chose to download it to my local drive…then when I choose to locate the cer file I get the error about no certificate matches private key

Can you double check that the file listed in your config.xml is pointing to the correct file in your certificates folder? (and that the file in your certificates folder is the latest one)?

I usually don’t update the config.xml until I’ve got the certificates built and in place. I NEED TO HAVE THE CCONFIG UPDATED BEFORE i USE VOLTSIGNER? whIC ELEMENT OF THE CONFIG.XML AFE YOU ASKING BOUT ?

My mistake - it should have been voltbuilder.json, not config.xml. Sorry!

WHat element in terms of the json file do you wnt to know about ?“iosDistP12”: sine no p12 is being created, I haven’t updated the json file to point to anything

“I get the error about no certificate matches private key”

Where are you getting this message? When you are building your app, or from VoltSigner?

If you let me know what email address you are building under, I can check the VoltBuilder logs and learn more.

I get the message afttr clicking on the .cer fileI downloaded from Apple as the instructions tell me to. I am building under

That was 2 weeks ago. Can you submit again so I can check the log?